About Us

Purest Botanicals = Organic Beauty Food!

Purest Botanicals is more than just affordable skin care products. We’re an organic skincare company devoted to providing you with the highest quality botanicals available anywhere. The premium qualities of our certified organic botanical products are a reflection of that commitment.

Years ago, I began eating organically...from the coffee I drink in the morning to the organic ice cream I indulge in at night. It didn't take long to notice the difference in my health and wellbeing. As someone passionate about skin care -- I know I'm not alone! -- I also began to pay attention to the ingredients in the skincare products I put on my body. I was horrified by what companies put in some of the so-called best “organic” and "natural" skin care products they sell.

Petroleum. Parabens. Formaldehyde. Phthalates. Synthetic colors. These are toxins. How much of these toxic products that we apply on our skin gets absorbed into our bloodstream? No one really knows. I wanted better for myself and for my family.

As a child, my Native American grandmother often applied aloe vera gel on my skin from fresh cut strips of aloe vera plants that she grew in her backyard garden. She taught me the incredible healing power of botanical plants. It was only natural for me as an adult to begin concocting my own botanical potions. It got so my friends and family started pestering me for my beauty secrets. And so, I decided to offer the products I make to others.

I have scoured the world for the best certified organic and premium botanical oils and butters available. After extensive testing, they’re formulated into body products that produce smooth, radiant, healthy looking skin. All products are handmade in small batches to insure freshness and quality control. Our products contain no toxic ingredients, no chemical preservatives, no synthetic colors, no synthetic fragrances or parfums, and are only tested on humans.

Great skin care products that are great for you shouldn't be impossible for people to afford. That is why I try to price my products as inexpensively as possible.

I enjoy formulating with organic oils and whipping up butters into body soufflés to create exceptional skin care products that help everyone achieve the silky, healthy looking skin we all want to enjoy. When it comes to what we put on our bodies -- organic beauty food for our skin -- we all deserve the best.

Handmade by Eve Marie
Purest Botanicals, LLC